Financial Planning


Why Consider Financial Planning Now?

In our life we plan for a lot of things; what our education and careers will be, our wedding, where we will raise a family, celebrations, and even our vacations.  Most people though, fail to plan for what is the backbone of all these things -- your financial plan.

Each day we face difficulties in managing our finances.  Inflation, taxes, changing interest rates, and stock market swings--their effect can be unsettling. One thing we can be certain of is that the future will come whether we are financially equipt or not.

The best way to approach financial freedom and create piece of mind is to follow a disciplined process of identifying goals and solutions.



With financial planning, you have a far greater chance  of achieving your financial goals and objectives, than if you fail to plan.


Alan Temkin and Temkin Financial Group offer both non-fee based and fee based financial planning, each designed to address your planning needs.

Non-Fee Based

Non-fee based planning is a process of identifying specific concerns and addressing those concerns where a full financial plan is not needed.


Fee-based planning involves preparing a comprehensive financial plan which contains, investment, net worth and insurance analyses, cash management, and tax, education, business, retirement, and estate planning sections.