Our Firm & Experience


With over 50 years of experience combined, Temkin Financial Group is dedicated to addressing the needs of our clients and working with them in achieving their financial goals.


"Your family is here to enjoy life...Our family is here to plan life"   

is more than our tag-line for Temkin Financial Group, it is who we are and what we do for those who we feel privileged to assist! Our efforts in this direction started in 1977 when we began our careers as insurance agents.
Over the years it became apparent that our clients needed assistance in other areas. In 2000, Temkin Financial Group was formed to provide Financial and Estate Planning. Our growing team now consists of several members with access to resources of very large financial institutions that support us in solving our clients’ fundamental and complicated financial and estate issues.
We are unique due to our commitment to have an ongoing relationship with our clients. Helping others navigate through life’s financial challenges is something we very much enjoy. The relationships we have built are very important to us, and the promises we make, we intend to keep.
Alan & Francine Temkin, and Daniel Moreno